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What is Foodfrogs?

11000 hand-drawn NFTs living on the World’s 1st Food and Beverage Marketplace.

When is MINT DAY?


What is the MINT price?


How to Mint?

Download Metamask and connect your wallet with ETH and mint at

When is the marketplace coming? 

The marketplace will debut in late 2022 called Cryptocuisine.

Is the current IMX collection sold out?

Yes. All 1k are sold out.

When was Presale for the IMX collection?

Pre-Sale was in OCT and is currently SOLD OUT.

What is the difference between the ETH collection and IMX collection? 

Nothing. Both collections are the same and will merge into one big 11k collection on Opeansea.

What are Precious Metal Frogs and how many exist?

Precious Metal Frogs are unique rare frogs that reward 1eth when minting.

There’s a total of 40 in the entire collection.

What are FrogGODS?

FrogGODS are super legendary 1 of 1s and only 20 will exist. FrogGODS have the ability to breed babies and receive the highest amount of rewards from our company.

How many custom jackets will be in the collection?

Only 3000 custom varsity jackets will be available during minting.

How do we get a custom frog?

You have to mint 10 or more Foodfrogs

How many partnerships have been established?

Over 350 partnerships  and adding more daily

Is the team DOXXED?

Yes. The team is fully doxxed and always transparent

Are we able to join the Pre Access List?

Yes signup using the LINK

When is the 1st IRL Event? 

Summer of 2022

WHO can we contact for partnerships and inquiries? 

You can reach us via email or

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